Transition From A Summer to Fall Wardrobe With Ease

Transition From A Summer to Fall Wardrobe With Ease

IT’S FALL! Since summer has drawn to a close, picture this!!  Football season has kicked off, the weather has cooled, the pumpkin-flavored controversies have started back up, and the only thing that can put a damper on the excitement of fall is the question of, “What am I going to wear!?” For some of you, the weather gets progressively colder and the shift in your wardrobe happens gradually or you will eventually hit a cool, crisp day but not before many up and down days on the temperature scale. Weather (wink wink) you’re dressing for the gradually changing or rapidly shifting temps, planning your fall wardrobe can require a strategy session. With a little planning and a few pro tips you can usher in your fall wardrobe without too much fuss or money. Here’s how you do it...

Summer to Fall Wardrobe Pro-Tip

  1. Dress in Layers

When you don’t know what to expect in the days ahead, it’s okay to keep your summer wardrobe around a bit longer. Add a lightweight scarf and cardigan to your maxi dress, throw on a pair of tights and boots with your shorter, summer dresses and skirts or layer a sleeved shirt under a halter-cut top with a nice pair of slacks. 

Tip: Tie everything together with well thought out accessories. They are the key to making sure you don’t look discombobulated, but intentionally chic. Need a little help styling items in an unconventional way while staying beautifully cohesive? Check out our friend @Airofdistinction.

  1. Choose a Statement Blazer and Add Illusion

Right up there with the little black dress is the well-tailored, perfectly fitted blazer. Dress it up for meetings or wear it casual with jeans for date night. Either way, every woman needs a great blazer. As the weather fluctuates, keep it on hand to pull on over sleeveless or short-sleeved tops. Looking for tips for styling a blazer? Follow @pocketsquarethings. But we warn you, you WILL have blazer envy! 

Tip: If you’re headed to an important meeting, grab your Signature Cuffs to add the look of a French cuff … they won’t know that you’re staying cool with a sleeveless top underneath.

  1. Incorporate Fall Colors

Play around with what you have in your wardrobe. Take your summer favorites and pair those bright, summer colors with more traditional fall hues. Hot pink with brown. Yes! Summer yellows with your deep, autumn purples. Why not? Mix and match depending on the pieces you own. While our seersucker cuffs are normally associated with spring and summer, you can add them to your favorite fall sweaters to give them a seasonal makeover.

Tip: Don’t be afraid to go bold with colors or pattern mixing. Stick with professional styles that are appropriate for the workplace, but by all means don’t be boring about it. Need a little inspiration? Hop on over to @ClothedInFaith for ideas on how to go bold to look and feel your best.

  1. Make Your Accessories Count!!  

If you haven’t heard us say it before (which we HAVE) ... Details matter! Earrings, scarves, and French cuff accessories have the power to elevate the look of any outfit and turn it into something extraordinary! You should put as much thought into your accessories as the outfit itself. Accessories really do allow you to breath new life into your old favorites, so don’t waste the opportunity!

Tip: Don’t overthink it! Yes, we want you to be strategic, but if you get paraylized trying to decide which accessories will work best, fall back on your staples. A few, tried and true statement accessories should do the trick, then experiment by adding on until you find the balance you’re looking for. Want to see what elegant accessorizing is all about? You’ll love @thehipsmith.

We LOVE FALL, and we want you to be just as excited about your fall wardrobe as you are for the fall season. Experiment... Have fun... And always love what you wear!

Happy Wardrobing, Friends.