Tri delta french cuffs
Women's Tri delta french cuff
Everything Tri Delta French Cuffs
Tri delta french cuffs
Women's Tri delta french cuff
Everything Tri Delta French Cuffs

Everything Tri Delta French Cuffs

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"Assisting its members in every possible way," the Tri Delta Sorority has been an organization of leadership, charity and sisterhood for more than 130 years. These Tri Delta Cuffs embody the vision of an organization devoted to developing character and expanding opportunities while building lifelong friendships.

One size detachable French cuffs fit most.

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While every Tri Delta sister is unique with her own sense of style, there are some things that we all have in common. It’s in this spirit that we created the Everything Tri Delta French Cuff. These collegiate Signature Cuffs by Beyond Cuffs highlight the symbolic themes of the Tri Delta organization. Paying tribute to this prestigious sorority, these designer French cuffs represent the ideas of friendship, charity and leadership. As Tri Delta sisters, we have been shaped by the character-building legacy that comes with being a Tri Delta, and we want to express that pride with a stylish and easy-to-wear French cuff accessory. These colorful Signature Cuffs will bring the Tri Delta organization into every outfit, allowing you to show off an important part of who you are, while keeping with the modest, professional and elegant principles of Tri Delta.

These stunning, collegiate French Cuffs are great for new pledges and alumni alike. Wear them on campus, to alumni events, or when you reunite with your Tri Delta sorority sisters. Not only will you love the way you look, you’ll love the relationships and memories they represent. With the simple addition of a pair of French cuffs, sisters can show their unity while staying true to their personal style. Our sorority line of Collegiate Signature Cuffs are made for proud graduates who love to show pride in their school, sorority and time-honored traditions.

Signature Cuffs were designed to help women of all ages look good and feel great in the clothes they love to wear. Every pair of our Signature Cuffs French cuffs can be added easily to any long-sleeved blouse, dress, sweater or jacket. They make great gifts for those headed to the university, those who are graduating or those who return to campus to watch the next generation of Tri Delta sisters take center stage. Signature Cuffs by Beyond Cuffs are licensed by Delta Delta Delta Fraternity and Affinity Consultants.

Original Artwork

YOU are a work of art, and that individuality should be shared with everyone in your life. Every item you purchase has been exclusively designed by our talented artists, so you don’t have to worry about wearing the same accessories as everyone else.

The Thread of Excellence

The main thing you can count on is excellence. It’s threaded throughout each and every product we create. From the design process to the materials used, you will find something unique to wear that provides the style and comfort you deserve.

Plenty of Options

Different environments call for different looks. From French Cuffs to bow ties and themes ranging from Christmas to Collegiate, there is never a shortage of options to choose from. Our in-house designers are always hard at work creating more options, so stay connected to learn about new releases.

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