When it comes to your corporate attire, it’s just as important to follow company standards and industry expectations as it is to make your mark on the world. Enter SIgnature Cuffs. These add-on French cuffs were created by an executive business women FOR other business women who desire to show off their style and turn heads, all while keeping their look perfectly polished and professional. When you’re headed to an important business meeting, greeting clients or giving presentations, we know that you always aim to look your absolute best, and now we’ve made that even easier. Regardless of whether you’re climbing the corporate ladder in jeans and a blazer, with hem lines and heels, or in a more traditional women’s pantsuit, our Signature Cuffs French cuffs are the corporate accessory you’ve been waiting for. 

Up until now, you’ve probably assumed that French cuffs have to be worn as part of a shirt’s construction, but our French cuffs are made for the modern woman! Signature Cuffs offer you variety, both in style and wearability. Our Corporate Collection offers the most traditional looks for the office, including our original European White French Cuffs, as well as our Blue Oxford Pincord French Cuffs and our popular Black and White Houndstooth French Cuffs. You can also choose from a collection of Casual, Collegiate and even Christmas French Cuffs. Any pair of Signature Cuffs can be easily added to all of your long-sleeved blouses, sweaters, dresses and jackets. Don’t feel like you need to constantly update your work wardrobe, because when you transform your work attire with our French cuffs, you’ll never have to wear the same outfit twice. 

Every pair of French cuffs in our Corporate Collection is made from high-quality fabrics in cotton and poly-cotton blends. They are fitted with two sets of buttons to adjust for size and finished with a decorative Signature Cuffs button in brushed nickel. They arrive protected inside a plush, satin dust bag and packaged in a beautiful Signature Cuffs gift box. From start to finish, Signature Cuffs wants to add luxury to your Corporate style. We work to make you feel fabulous in the clothes you love to wear, because we believe that when you feel confident, you look confident and that helps you become an unstoppable force -- whether you're a corporate executive, a socialite or a PTA mom. With the traditional style of the French Cuff, you’ll look ready to get down to business in any setting. When you’re wearing our Corporate Collection SIgnature Cuffs, you’re ready to go out and conquer the career world, one outfit at a time.