How to tie a bow tie

  1. Grab a mirror to help guide you.
  2. Adjust the length of the tie for style preference. The shorter it is, the more narrow the tie.
  3. Lift your collar. Now drape the bow tie around your neck.
  4. One side of the tie should be slightly longer than the other.
  5. Cross the longer side over the shorter, then cross under and pull through to tie. Pull tight.
  6. Lay the long side over your shoulder. The shorter side should be hanging straight down from the collar button.
  7. Starting with the short side of the tie and using the widest part of the tie, pull the short end up and fold to create the beginnings of a bow tie shape.
  8. Hold the shape at the collar button and bring the long side (now draped on your shoulder) down over the front of the tie.
  9. The longer part is now hanging down the front part of the tie. Take that longer end and fold it back around and up the back side of the tie. This will now create a loop.
  10. Pull that longer piece through the loop to make a bow. Just like tying your shoes.
  11. Pull, but be careful not to untie the front loop.
  12. You should now have two bow loops, two flaps and a center knot.
  13. Gingerly adjust your loops and flaps until your bow is in a proper shape. Once you’ve got it where you want it, pull to tighten the center knot.
  14. Pull down your collar and voila!