It’s Your Time To Shine

Signature Cuffs are removable French Cuffs that add “extra pop” to your outfit.

Enjoy What You Wear

An outfit that uniquely matches your style should be enjoyed!
Original Artwork

You are a work of art. You should share that with everyone you’re with. Every item you purchase has been exclusively designed by our in-house artists so you don’t have to worry about having the same thing as everyone else.

The Thread of Excellence

The one thing you can count on is excellence. It’s threaded throughout each and every item. From the materials used to the design process, you will wear something that provides the comfort you deserve.

Plenty of Options

Different environments call for a different look. From French Cuffs to Bow-Ties, Christmas to Collegiate themes there is never a shortage of options to choose from. Our in-house designers are also hard at work with more options, stay connected for new releases.

Give The Best Gift

1. Select Your Style.

You get to choose the style that best represents you. Start by choosing the category of cuffs, then find the one you love the most.

2. Download the "Signature Cuff How-To Guide".

In this "How To" guide, you'll learn how easy it is to wear your Signature Cuffs. Don't worry, it's easy.

3. Own The Room.

Imagine yourself walking into the next boardroom or social event. Imagine everyone looking at you with admiration and respect. Okay, now stop imagining that -- because it's about to be your new reality.

The perfect gift for people who think they have everything! And the packaging is absolutely baby blue perfection.

Jennifer Salim Richards

My cuffs are easy to wear and give another look to any long sleeve blouse or jacket.   An added “punch” to any outfit.

Ann O’Kelley