glitzy zebra french cuff
glitzy zebra french cuff close-up
glitzy zebra french cuff
glitzy zebra french cuff close-up

Glitzy Zebra French Cuffs

Regular price $135.00

Go from day to evening in one, easy step. Our Glitzy Zebra French Cuffs are the accessory you need to make your outfit shine. The shimmery, sequined animal print will catch the light in every room, as well as every eye.

One size detachable French cuffs fit most.

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Go wild and glamourous with our Glitzy Zebra French Cuffs. These glitzy, animal print Signature Cuffs from Beyond Cuffs give you a shimmering, unrestrained, high-contrast look that will turn every outfit into an adventure. Your sense of style can’t always be tame. The classic look of the French cuffs is perfectly contrasted with the shiny, zebra print design that is sure to give every outfit an aggressive sense of style that is certain to turn heads. You can’t help but love how you look when you show off your wild side in our Glitzy Zebra French cuffs.

Stand out in the crowd when you go casual! With our colorful, casual line of Signature Cuffs it’s easy to add the look of a traditional French cuff without adding a lot of hassle. You should never have to choose between feeling comfortable and looking chic. Now you can wear your favorite comfy clothes along with our easy-to-wear accessory for a look that is all dressed up, even on those informal days.

No matter your personal style, you will find just what you’re looking for in our Casual selection of Signature Cuffs from Beyond Cuffs. Our Casual Collection of French cuffs is sure to bring tons of personality to your wardrobe, no matter your personality or personal style. This collection is full of variety and offers every woman that extra “something special” that can be added to any long-sleeved outfits in your closet. On those casual days when you want to be relaxed but look your best, Signature Cuffs will put the chic in your casual chic. And on those days when you don’t feel like being casual, our casual French cuffs can dress up your dressiest ensemble. From your workday to your everyday, our Casual line of French cuffs are just what you need to turn heads in any setting, in any style, and they work seamlessly from day to evening, workday to weekend.

Original Artwork

YOU are a work of art, and that individuality should be shared with everyone in your life. Every item you purchase has been exclusively designed by our talented artists, so you don’t have to worry about wearing the same accessories as everyone else.

The Thread of Excellence

The main thing you can count on is excellence. It’s threaded throughout each and every product we create. From the design process to the materials used, you will find something unique to wear that provides the style and comfort you deserve.

Plenty of Options

Different environments call for different looks. From French Cuffs to bow ties and themes ranging from Christmas to Collegiate, there is never a shortage of options to choose from. Our in-house designers are always hard at work creating more options, so stay connected to learn about new releases.

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