Pinecones and Pansies French Cuff
Pinecones and Pansies French Cuff pattern one
Pinecones and Pansies French Cuff pattern two
Pinecones and Pansies French Cuff
Pinecones and Pansies French Cuff pattern one
Pinecones and Pansies French Cuff pattern two

Pinecones, Pansies & Plaid French Cuffs

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The perfect combination ...… with a ‘gleaming white pearl.’ Pinecones, Pansies & Plaid.

One size French cuff fits most.

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Decorations aren’t just for Christmas trees anymore. Incorporate your holiday ornaments into your every outfit with Signature Cuffs from Beyond Cuffs. Our Pinecones, Pansies & Plaid French Cuffs will make your holiday garments sing with joy. 

The rich hues in these Signature Cuffs will put the fun of Christmas into your holiday style this season. These Pinecones, Pansies & Plaid French Cuffs are sure to become as much of a Christmastime staple as Santa, sugarplums and stockings. You'll love how they make you look and feel when you add them to everything from your corporate work wardrobe to your weekend, holiday attire. 

Not to mention, they will bring a boost of joy to everyone who catches a glimpse of you in these holiday-inspired French Cuffs.

No holiday gimmicks here! Just a selection of beautiful, holiday-inspired French cuffs featuring the watercolor art of Texas artist Dani Hale. Showcasing many of the most treasured holiday scenes, our Christmas/Holiday collection brings just the right amount of holiday flair to your ensembles. 

These joy-filled French cuff accessories are appropriate in any business setting, they are suitably chic for prestigious social events, and they add a touch of fun while you’re on the town doing your holiday shopping. Not only will you be turning heads with these festive French cuffs, but every holiday soiree on your calendar will become even more eventful when you show up in a pair of Signature Cuffs.

Our holiday-themed Signature Cuffs are meant to make life easy around the holidays, while adding to your Christmas cheer. Each pair of our add-on French Cuffs can be worn in a variety of ways and with any long-sleeved blouse, sweater, dress or jacket. 

That means that finding the perfect holiday outfit is as easy as Christmas pie! With our Signature Cuffs, you can make your holiday wardrobe complete as you make the season merry and bright.

Original Artwork

YOU are a work of art, and that individuality should be shared with everyone in your life. Every item you purchase has been exclusively designed by our talented artists, so you don’t have to worry about wearing the same accessories as everyone else.

The Thread of Excellence

The main thing you can count on is excellence. It’s threaded throughout each and every product we create. From the design process to the materials used, you will find something unique to wear that provides the style and comfort you deserve.

Plenty of Options

Different environments call for different looks. From French Cuffs to bow ties and themes ranging from Christmas to Collegiate, there is never a shortage of options to choose from. Our in-house designers are always hard at work creating more options, so stay connected to learn about new releases.