Cuff of the Month - Black Tuxedo

Cuff of the Month - Black Tuxedo

Hello, 2020! As we celebrate our entrance into a New Year, we’ve made it our resolution to help you love what you wear. Not just for special occasions, but every day of the year. When you feel good in your own skin and in your own clothes, your attitude will follow. We firmly believe that confidence leads to success. That’s why in 2020 we are introducing our Cuff of the Month. Each month we will not only feature an item but give you style tips and tricks to make sure that every time you get dressed you have another opportunity to boost your confidence when you #LoveWhatYouWear.

Introducing our Black Tuxedo Signature Cuffs. 

These striking, black Signature Cuffs have a waffle-patterned texture with corresponding black trim. When you add them to your outfit, you are adding pure luxury. Here’s how to style them:

Mix Patterns

This was our mantra in 2019, and we are carrying it right into 2020. Pattern mixing might seem risky, but the rewards are worth it. It is particularly stunning to mix your black and white patterns. A black skirt with a subtle motif pairs beautifully with a bold, contrasting top

A Black Base

Start off with a solid black base and add layers of pattern on top. Begin with black leggings, black boots and a solid black top, then throw a strong black and white design over that using your favorite dress or skirt. For a variation on this idea, go for a pattern with your top under a solid black jumper.

Old Hollywood

We encourage you to try new styles and take risks in 2020, but that doesn’t mean we are prepared to throw out a staple. A feminine white top with black trousers will always add classic glamour. Add an animal print belt to give it added oomph. 

Pops of Color

Enhance your black and white ensemble with well-placed pops of color -- bright colored shoes or a clutch with your black and white wardrobe is sure to catch eyes. And you’ll be amazed at how a pair of audacious earrings against a conservative black outfit will make you the style envy of any room. 

Casual Embellishment

Of course, on casual days you can pair your solid black with denim. Our Signature Cuffs French cuffs are the ideal embellishment. 

We wish you the most successful, most joyful and most prosperous 2020! We can’t wait for you to try our new Black Tuxedo French cuffs and discover more ways to wear what you love so that you can #LoveWhatYouWear.

Happy Wardrobing, friends.