As you prepare to observe the day of love this February, we want to help you celebrate ALL MONTH LONG with an accessory that will make your heart go pitter-patter. This month, our Cuff of the Month features our most LOVED, most popular pair of Signature Cuffs --- the Black and White Houndstooth. Fashion’s love affair with houndstooth dates back thousands of years, but we’ve modernized it as a removable French cuff that will rekindle the romance between you and your wardrobe. You will find them in our corporate category, but don’t let that stop you from seeing the possibilities. These ultra adaptable French cuffs will elevate the look of just about any outfit you own. 

Couple our Black and White Houndstooth Signature Cuffs with these different looks….


Never is a capsule wardrobe more useful than when it comes to your work wardrobe. While you should invest in quality pieces, you don’t need to overload on quantity. The experts at Who What Wear say that you don’t need more than TEN work outfits and they offer these fashion staples as a base for your corporate style. We agree! ...with the exception of one missing accessory. You have enough big decisions to make once you’re at the office. Getting dressed should not tire you out before your workday begins.  When you include our Black & White Houndstooth French cuffs, you’ll turn those ten outfits into 20 with one, simple step. 


Adding a luxury accessory to your casual outfit might seem like a contradiction, but let us show you the difference a few styling tweaks can make. Image consultant Lena Penteado offers this style advice on how to turn casual into casual chic. Spoiler alert: It’s all about accessories mixed with classic pieces. Luckily you can check both off your list with one pair of Black & White Houndstooth Signature Cuffs! 


When you need to go from “at the office” to an “after-five” event, it’s difficult to create an outfit that can transition without requiring a total wardrobe change. You want to look professional at the office, but you want to turn heads at the event. Here are a few inspirational posts from Popsugar that can be utilized along with our Black & White Houndstooth French cuffs. Let our Cuff of the Month be the exclamation point on a simple corporate style for professional events or worn alongside your work attire with an edgier jacket for more social occasions. 


Western Wear isn’t just for those of us who live in Texas. Adding a little cowgirl chic to everything from corporate to casual is easy to do when you stick to the basics. Start off with an outfit you feel comfortable in and then build using western staples. A western-style blazer can work at the office, while well-made boots or a hat can add authenticity when you’re on the town. Add our Signature Cuffs to complement your western chic without getting gimmicky. Check out these western wear style tips from 303 Magazine or get reacquainted with our Cowgirl Chic Do’s & Don’ts.  

This month we invite you to fall deeper in love with the clothes you love to wear. Make our Black & White Houndstooth Signature Cuffs your “go-to” accessory for an alluring date-night outfit or send them as a gift to all the women you love. Either way, let’s make February a month to #LoveWhatYouWear.

Happy Wardrobing, friends.