Like us, you’ve been living the “new normal” since March and you’re ready to wish 2020 a not-so-fond farewell. You’re desperately anticipating the coming of that good ol’ holiday cheer, but wondering if even Christmas can be cancelled. There’s no doubt that Covid is sticking around for the holidays and, while this year may look and feel different than previous celebrations, we’ve learned how meaningful and indispensable our traditions and time with family is to us. We encourage you to stay safe as you adapt to the “new normal” (at least temporarily), without sacrificing your holiday traditions with the people you love. We promise it’s possible to do both. Here are four easy steps to show you how to make 2020 holiday shopping hassle free.

Shop Online

This trend was increasing well before “pandemic” became part of our everyday vernacular, but it does make the most sense. You can do all your shopping from the comfort and safety of your own home, while comparing prices and discovering new products that you can’t find on store shelves. Even better, those on-sale, one-of-a-kind internet finds can be delivered right to your door or mailbox. You’ll have your gifts bought and wrapped well before you have a decorated tree to put them under.

Support Small Business

Small businesses are being crushed under the weight of Covid closures, but online holiday shopping is a great way to support those independent  businesses in your community and around the country. These smaller companies offer specialty products, luxury brands, quirky finds and handmade items, all guaranteed to make your loved ones feel loved. Small businesses also have stellar customer service and can offer a personal touch or make product recommendations, even when communicating electronically. 

Send a Gift, Wrapped

If the current health crisis will keep you miles apart from your family and friends this year, you can still find beautiful gifts to send. And now that you’re an expert at Zoom calls, you can be virtually present when they unwrap your special gifts. Many small businesses and specialty brands offer gift wrapping for online purchases, if they don’t already deliver their products in luxury packaging. Even if you don’t see it on their website, be sure and ask if this is a service they offer. Many small businesses are nimble enough to accommodate new customers. 

Shop the Sales

To support social distancing efforts, retail stores are offering an extended shopping season to keep crowds low. If you’re shopping in-person, you can find those “Black Friday” deals well before Thanksgiving. In addition to seasonal sales, many stores are trying to move products that were purchased for the spring and summer seasons. This year’s holiday shopping just might be the world’s best clearance sale, meaning you can find amazing gifts they’ll love and save money at the same time. 

We know that 2020 has seen its share of crisis, but you can always count on the holiday season to bring people together. This time of year reminds us of the good there is in the world, and so this year’s holiday season will be more significant than ever before. You may have your doubts that the Christmas season won’t become a blur with the rest of 2020, but Beyond Cuffs is here to help make it as much like the “old normal” as possible.  

We wish you and your family many blessings, much joy and a most prosperous 2021!

Happy Wardrobing, friends.