Cuff of the Month - White French Cuffs

Cuff of the Month - White French Cuffs

I think it’s safe to say you could use a vacation right about now. After months of quarantine life, even a “staycation” in your own town feels like a getaway. If you do have plans to spend time leisuring in a new locale, you may opt for remote vacation spots with much of your agenda spent outdoors. Whatever your summer plans, here are a few tips to help you travel light with styles that can make an impact... even from a proper social distance.

Preselect Your Outfit

You’ll be tempted to pack all of your favorite fashion staples, but you can take up less real estate in your suitcase by choosing specific outfits. If you’re staying away six days, you don’t need to plan out six separate outfits. Start with three or four and then change the look of each using easy-to-pack accessories. Not only does it make packing a lot less stressful, it also keeps you from fretting over what to wear each day… because you’ve already made your choice. Looking for tips on 2020 vacation trends? Check out the vacation page from Who What Wear.

Pack a Scarf

No, not because you’ll need to have an impromptu face mask (but that could work too), but because a few well-made scarves can change the look of your outfits with almost no effort. Now those three outfits can be six outfits just by adding a scarf. Wear it as a hair accessory with a few other choice accessories one day, and turn it into a shirt or vest the next. Do you need ideas for how to change up your look using a scarf? Check out this video from stylist GInger Burr.

Pick Versatile Accessories

Just like using your scarves as garments, let your other accessories do the heavy lifting. Signature Cuffs from Beyond Cuffs are small and easy to pack, but make a bold statement with any outfit. Wear them with your cardigan when you’re walking along the beaches, try them with a sheer top in warmer climates or use them to go from day to night as the temperature changes throughout the day. Wearing a tank top in the afternoon? Throw on a pair of cuffs with a jacket for dinner without adding the extra layer of long sleeves. No one will know the difference, but you’ll definitely get attention for your style-savvy. Looking for more vacay style tips? Check out more ways to make the most of your travel wardrobe from the stylists at Unfoldid. 

Pass up the Pumps

You may want desperately to take your sexiest pair of heels along for the special occasion, but you’ll get more mileage from a pair of chic, multi-use footwear. A great pair of flats can be used for walking on the pier, touring museums or going out for a night of fine-dining and dancing. You may initially lament having to leave your five-inch heels at home, but after a few minutes of taking in the sights, you’ll be grateful that you packed that pair of sensible shoes. Want a full list of comfy walking shoes, perfect for 2020 travel? Check out this list from Travel Fashion Girl

We wish you happy and safe travels this summer. Be sure to see how the Beyond Cuffs July/August Cuffs of the Month can stretch your vacation wardrobe. Our detachable French cuffs in Suitably White Seersucker and Corporate White can elevate your favorite destination outfits by giving you the look of a crisp, white French cuff shirt (but without the shirt). You’ll love how they boost your summer style!

Happy Wardrobing, friends!