Express Your Inner Beauty & Find Your Personal Style

Express Your Inner Beauty & Find Your Personal Style

At Beyond Cuffs, it is our joy to collaborate with businesses and influencers that share our philosophy of helping you find your best-dressed self and live your most confident life. That is why we’re excited to introduce you to our friend and image consultant extraordinaire, Ginger Burr. Ginger doesn’t just help you make better wardrobe choices or find styles that are sure to flatter your figure, she gets to know you in order to develop a style that reflects your inner beauty. From image consulting and personal shopping to intimate style workshops, Ginger creates transformational fashion to help everyday women like you and me step into the world with confidence and an individually-crafted style. From her personal experience in the fashion industry, Ginger built her Boston-based company, Total Image Consultants, by “helping women over 40 transform their lives and build their confidence through their wardrobe and personal style.” It is our honor to have Ginger Burr author this month’s blog post. 

A guest post by Ginger Burr

Personal style is just that… it’s personal! There is no 'one size fits all' or secret formula that works for everyone when it comes to creating a wardrobe. In fact, if we all wore the same thing, not only would it be a boring world, but most of us would feel out of sorts or disgruntled with our wardrobe most of the time.

You want to feel inspired and authentic every time you get dressed -- whether you are sheltering at home or out living your life in the world -- when we can do that again.

What makes your wardrobe unique is expressing who you are on the inside. I like to refer to it as reflecting your inner beauty -- that part of you that makes you YOU! Perhaps you are a naturally joyful person or have a quiet radiance about you. Maybe you’re dynamic, playfully romantic or are private and sensitive. The key is to uncover your essence and then reflect it in everything you wear. This is one of the ways to bolster your self-confidence and add a spring to your step because you feel authentic in your clothes!

There are many ways to express your natural inner beauty. One fun way is to find those interesting accessories that add joy to your wardrobe and accentuate what makes you special.

Signature Cuffs by Beyond Cuffs are one of the most delightful ways to add beauty and the finishing touch to an otherwise simple, basic outfit. They add versatility to your wardrobe or pull a look together in an unexpected way.

If you are boldly traditional, the Black and White Houndstooth cuffs might be just the ticket. Or, if you are passionate or fiery, you might add the Cheetah Gold French cuffs.  Maybe you are enchanting or softly elegant, in which case the Rugged Faith French cuffs might speak to your heart. No matter who you are, you can personalize your outfit with a pair of Signature Cuffs that make a statement by reflecting your natural inner beauty.     

My personal inner beauty is exquisite with a touch of edgy glamour, and I love the way my Beyond Cuffs add a special spark to my outfit, too! 

For more ways to connect with Ginger, please visit You can register for June’s online class How Create Your Personal Style in 6 Weeks or her 1-hour seminar on “How to Look Good on Zoom.” For even more style advice, check out Ginger’s book That’s So You! 

We’re excited to have an opportunity to connect you with amazing style consultants like Ginger. And be sure and check out the Beyond Cuffs June Cuff of the Month. This June is all about one of our most classic (and popular) corporate styles -- the Blue Oxford Pincord Signature Cuffs. P.S. You’ll love how they look embroidered. 

As always, Happy Wardrobing, friends!