perfect fit

Signature Cuffs was created and founded by former banking executive Cynthia Sadler. If you’re wondering how someone at the top of the financial ladder suddenly finds herself in the fashion accessories business, you might be surprised and encouraged to discover what made it all possible. When you get down to the heart and soul of what makes someone successful, you’ll find that all great success stories have a few characteristics in common.


Cynthia mastered the ability to adjust her communication strategy to accommodate different personality styles. As a result, she is able to effectively share her ideas and get results when organizing a vast network of marketers, manufacturers, distributors and craftsmen. “My years in banking taught me good judgment. I learned to listen before I speak and then respond effectively.”

Cynthia’s well-developed talent in personal communication has propelled Signature Cuffs forward from day one. Strong relationships gave Cynthia access to highly experienced businessmen and women who could serve as sounding boards for this entrepreneurial idea, not only as colleagues but also as trusted friends. The encouragement and constructive criticism she received helped shape the formation of Signature Cuffs so that Cynthia could easily build her business with a strong support system. “Having the right sphere of influence allowed me to do in six months what should have taken us sixteen months.”

People skills are particularly important when launching a brand from scratch. You don’t have the luxury of signing people up to existing sales or measurable profits. Understanding people and the nuances of their personalities gives Cynthia an advantage when casting a vision for her team.


It’s not sexy or glamorous, but paperwork is a necessary evil for any business. If you’ve ever tried to start a new business and navigate the rough waters of City Hall, you know what an overwhelming task it can be. Nothing can take the steam out of your entrepreneurial endeavors like the mounds of paperwork required. Thankfully, Cynthia’s career in banking made her an expert in proper documentation. She understands how a business will appear on paper when it comes to dealing with everyone from the CPA firm to merchant services.

Formation papers, legal terms, privacy issues and all of the legal requirements necessary — Cynthia knew all the right questions to ask and the right people to help her find the answers. After a career spent on “the other side of the desk” she is fluent in all the processes and paperwork required to keep Signature Cuffs moving, full steam ahead.


Cynthia’s banking career started in public relations as a Star Girl at Texas Commerce Bank in Houston, Texas. Representing the bank and legendary Texas banking Chairman and CEO, Ben Love, The Star Girls were the first faces clients would see before meeting some of the most well-known business bankers in the nation. That first job would provide the lessons that would propel Cynthia forward in a long and successful banking career and easily transfer to launching and leading Signature Cuffs. As Owner and Chief Cuff Creator of Signature Cuffs, Cynthia embodies everything this brand stands for and sets the tone for the team. Everyday she inspires her team to be their best, look their best, strive for the stars and go into the world and represent the Signature Cuffs brand with distinction.

Simply put: presentation matters. Everything from office décor to choosing the right paper for business cards says something about your business. Cynthia is no stranger to how appearances can influence perception, and she won’t settle for anything less than perfection when it comes to how Signature Cuffs is represented.

In today’s rapidly shifting world, most people will change careers five to seven times. While career changes are commonplace in modern culture, you might (at first glance) think it is out of the norm for someone to transition from a thirty-year banking career to the world of luxury fashion accessories. But take a second look, you’ll see that it’s a perfect fit.