We know French Cuffs definitely fall into the category of traditional style. Though we are always touting our beloved Signature Cuffs as the ideal accessory for your executive attire, we don’t want you to be overly rigid in how you choose to wear them. You can stay suitable for the office and still be bold in color and style. If you’ve been searching through your closet for solid colored tops, let us show you a few bolder (but perfectly professional) options!

Whether you’re crunching numbers, meeting clients or catching a movie over the weekend, pair our cuffs with these patterned tops:

Nourished By Nature Cardigan –

Nourished By Nature Cardigan

Show off your sense of humor with this colorful cardigan available at This fun, puppy patterned sweater paired with navy slacks and our Blue Oxford Pincord Cuffs will add a little whimsy to your workday.







Graphic Striped Eyelash Cardigan –

Graphic Striped Eyelash Cardigan

This cardigan from mixes high-contrast patterns of black and white. While our Corporate White Cuffswould work beautifully, go beyond the ordinary and pair them with our Traditional Black and White Houndstooth Cuffs to finish off the look.








Camel & Pink Mock Turtleneck for Women –

Camel & Pink Mock Turtleneck for Women

The sweater from might strike you as distinctly casual, but allow our Saddle Tan Houndsooth Cuffs to help you rethink the possibilities. Dress up this color-blocked sweater with jeans for a day of shopping with the girls or a nice pair of slacks for lunch with a client.








Dreams Come True Unicorn Sweater –

Dreams Come True Unicorn Sweater 

We understand that just because you work in a corporate environment, doesn’t necessarily mean that you work in a stodgy, sterile environment. For those of you who work in younger, hipper or more creative offices, we found this“Dreams Come True” Unicorn Sweater (also from This playful sweater gets even more over the top when you pair it with our Denim & Mattress Ticking Stripe Signature Cuffs.





1901 Polka Dot Stretch Cotton Blend Shirt –

1901 Polka Dot Stretch Cotton Blend Shirt

Okay, so it’s not a sweater. BUT it IS perfect for almost ANY pair of Signature Cuffs! This 1901 Polka Dot Stretch Cotton Blend Shirt from is super versatile. Play it safe with our Corporate White Cuffs, go outside of the box with Texas Our Texas, or get festive with our Holiday Cuffs If you really want to add a pop of color, go for a solid Pure Purple.

p.s. The shirt is also available in black and white gingham which would pair nicely with our Black and White Houndstooth or Striped Coats (zebra print) Cuffs.





We hope this post will have you reimagining your closet. Just like with your career, your style makes a bigger impact when you take a few (strategic) risks. Let your Cuffs maximize your wardrobe and let your wardrobe maximize your Cuffs!

Happy Wardrobing, friends!