We know that the holidays can be as exhausting as they are exuberating. If, like us, you’re STILL trying to recover from having spent too much money, ate too much food, drank too much and generally feel beaten down by 2017’s year-end over indulgence, don’t worry. Like a beacon of hope, New Year’s Day was strategically placed on the calendar to offset and repair all of the damage done during our holiday extravaganzas. It’s always the perfect occasion for getting back on track, regaining focus and, of course, setting goals for self-improvement. But it can also be short lived.

We are now well into the new year, getting further away from that New day when our resolve was at its strongest.  No doubt, the experts are standing by to give us the dreary statistics on how quickly our New Year’s resolutions are abandoned for old ways, but here at Signature Cuffs we reject that negative talk! We know our team, and we know the kind of customers we have, and we won’t accept anything less than huge personal gains in 2018. When those nagging statistics get your attention or if you already feel like giving up, remember these basic truths to stay on track towards the best year of your life.

Dress For Success

As you know, our mission at Signature Cuffs is to provide an accessory for women that will give our customers confidence in the clothes they love to wear. But why? Because we know that when women feel confident, they perform better. In fact, studies show that how you dress at work does affect job performance and creative thinking. When you start feeling the loss of momentum, dress up! Wear your favorite outfit — that one that makes you feel like you rule the world. Wear a pair of power heels. Get your hair done. Let your outward appearance tell the world that you are ready to take it on, even when you don’t feel that way on the inside. Eventually your mental state will follow suit.

Want to read more on the subject? You might enjoy Karen Pine’s book, Mind What You Wear: The Psychology of Fashion.

Do Something for Someone Else

The process of working towards new goals or trying to root out bad habits can put us at risk for becoming too inwardly focused. If you feel defeated because you’re missing the forest for the trees, perform a random act of kindness. You might encourage another person on a day when they are desperate for a surge of self-assurance, and it will boost yours in the process. In this article by Emily Roberts MA, LPC, written for Healthy Place, she states that “Contributing to the greater good can build self-esteem and create a positive relationship with yourself.”

Fall In LOVE With Delayed Gratification

If you only remember one thing we tell you, please let it be this: delayed gratification is THE secret to success. Whether you are trying to lose weight, build wealth or conquer your chosen career path, you must make delayed gratification your bestest, #1, most cherished friend and soulmate. Many people lose out on real purpose, joy and MAD, CRAZY success simply because they wouldn’t wait for it or because they couldn’t see the strides that come when you take tiny steps in the right direction. When you are doing the right things and you know it’s the right thing but you aren’t seeing the results you hoped for…. KEEP GOING! Your day will come, and it will be the most glorious day you’ve ever experienced.

In the words of Zig Ziglar, “Be careful not to compromise what you want most for what you want now.”

Ladies, you’ve got this! You have exactly what it takes to hit every goal you set for yourself, so gear up. This is going to be our year! And we promise to be right here every step of the way, always ready to offer our love, support and style advice.

Here’s to a fantastic 2018 and, as always, we encourage you to get out there and #StrutYourCuffs!

Happy Wardrobing, friends.