If you’re a true college sports fan, game day apparel is how you shout for your favorite team before the game ever starts. With the Signature Cuffs Collegiate Collection of French Cuffs, you can support your favorite university and their team with embellishment. Wear them as the focal point of your game day outfit, add them to your other university apparel promoting the team mascot or pair them with your everyday clothes to show your school pride in the off season. Any way you choose to wear your collegiate French Cuffs, it’s a great way to let the world (or your team rivals) know that you’re all about looking good and supporting your team! Our collegiate French Cuffs are great for students, faculty and alumni alike. They make ideal gifts for those headed to the university, those who are graduating or those who return to campus to watch the next generation do their best in the classroom, on the stage or the sports arena. But Signature Cuffs aren’t just about the sport’s fan. They are also made for proud graduates, like you, who love to show pride in your school and it’s time honored traditions.

Signature Cuffs are licensed by IMGCL for Texas Christian University. Our French Cuffs and accessory products featuring other universities represented by the IMGCL network are now in production and coming soon.

Maybe you’re not on a sports team, but you’re a part of another group equally as iconic on the university campus! Signature Cuffs are also licenced for the Tri Delta sorority. Delta Delta Delta sisters, whether you’re a new pledge or alumnae, want to exhibit a commitment to the values the sorority is known for and our French Cuffs help you do exactly that. SIgnature Cuffs’ Founder and Chief Cuff Creator is a Tri Delta sister herself and knows firsthand the core tenets of this prestigious group of sisters. Our first pair of Signature Cuffs in this collection were made to commemorate the 130th anniversary of Tri Delta, followed by a pair showcasing Everything Tri Delta represents. From the beginning, TriDelta women put the focus on building the inner self and character more than personal appearance, but we know that you also want your appearance to express your commitment to those standards. That’s what makes Signature Cuffs the perfect accessory to promote true beauty for all the well-rounded women who share in the Tri Delta legacy. 

Signature Cuff started their sorority branded French Cuffs with the Tri Delta sorority, but we look forward to creating French Cuffs, accessories and decor for additional sororities in the future.