Cufff of the Month - Texas our Texas

Cufff of the Month - Texas our Texas

This is the time of year when we are all SO ready to welcome spring, but March always throws us a few cold weather days to end winter with a freezy-cold bang. At Beyond Cuffs we declare that SPRING IS HERE! If you are longing to welcome the sunshine and flowers, then you’ll be excited by our March Cuff of the Month -  Texas Our Texas. These bright white Signature Cuffs feature blooms of Texas bluebonnets on one side and a pattern formed by the shape of Texas on the reverse. Pair them with your brightest, spring colored sweaters while the days are still icy and cold and with your lightweight blouses when temperatures begin to rise. 

We’re going to show you how to pair Texas Our Texas Signature Cuffs with all of Spring 2020’s biggest trends.


Spring is an optimal time for layering, as the weather shifts back and forth and can even change throughout the day. A great way to give your outfit interest and depth is by adding vests --- and your style options are endless. From fur to fur trimmed, tuxedo style or crochet (more on that to come), vests are a captivating complement to your French cuffs. 


Crochet is undergoing a modern revival. It may have once been something used to make blankets by your granny or crafted to hold houseplants, but crochet is back and better than ever. You can find everything from pantsuits to evening gowns formed from crochet. Incorporate this 2020 trend by using it as an embellishment with a top jacket on cooler days or with a full-on crocheted dress once spring is officially here to stay. Your Texas Our Texas Signature Cuffs can add small pops of color for a look that says “Hello, sunshine!”


Spring attire fashioned from chiffon, silk and tulle always brings spring to mind. It’s easy to reminisce about those frilly Easter dresses you once wore as a child. Take that memory and allow it to inspire your 2020 spring wardrobe. Try a soft, sheer blouse in silk-like this one as an ideal base for your corporate outfit, or as a way to dress up jeans for casual occasions. Polish off the look with our Texas Our Texas Signature Cuffs. 


You may have your sandals and sundresses on standby, but sweaters are not out of season yet. Start the transition into spring with winter wear inspired by the colors of spring. Slim cut, straight-leg pants in a bright color with an equally colorful but contrasting sweater is the right vibe. Pastels and Peter Pan collars also give a sweet spring attitude to your winter wardrobe. 

As winter winds down we hope that you enjoy the last days of your warmer wardrobe. We’re also happy to help you start your fling with spring even if the weather is not ready to cooperate. Try our March Cuff of the Month to assist your outfit planning through the seasonal transition. We promise that style inspiration will start to bloom… well before the spring flowers have a chance to do so.


Happy Wardrobing, friends.