Ways to stay stylish and sane while social distancing.

Ways to stay stylish and sane while social distancing.

Beyond Cuffs has made it our mission to reach out to you with useful style tips and information on the latest trends. Of course, we never imagined a world where the hottest new trend would be surgical masks and latex gloves. Life has changed drastically since our last blog post! That’s why we are holding off on our usual content to bring you a few ideas on making the most of your time at home. We also want to encourage you with ideas on how to maintain your family traditions for Holy Week and Passover. 


When you are stuck at home (and especially if you add kids into the mix) your space can obtain clutter faster than you can say “quarantine.” Even when you aren't dealing with a pandemic, spring cleaning can do wonders for your soul and your mental clarity. If fashion is your forte, apply spring cleaning to your personal style. Simplify your closet by eliminating anything that doesn’t bring you joy. Toss out the clutter and leave ONLY the clothes that you love. That way, when you walk back out into the world you are sure to #LoveWhatYouWear.


If you have kids at home, you’ve probably heard “I’m bored” more than a few times. That phrase usually sends you running to the nearest park, but now you’ve got to get creative. Pass on your love of style and organize a fashion show! Let your kids be your designer, your make-up artist and your hairstylist. You get to be the model! They will have a blast, use their creative muscles and build lasting memories. Of course, someone will have to be the fashion photographer. Please post or send us the photos using the hashtag #BeyondCuffs #LoveWhatYouWear


We are all now communicating digitally, and thank God for it! But don’t discount the joy you can bring by writing letters the old fashioned way. Send a “thank you,” a “thinking of you” or write a heartfelt letter to friends and family letting them know how much they mean to you. If you have children, have them draw a pretty picture to go inside. 


With shows like Little House on The Prairie, The Brady Bunch and Father Knows Best now playing on Hulu, Netflix and Amazon, you can give your kids a taste of what you enjoyed as a child. You’ll also find that those older shows include sweet lessons of faith and family that can often be omitted from more modern programming.  

These are just a few of many ideas. Read a book as a family, do a large puzzle, plant a garden, learn news games. We could go on and on, but we’d like to end with this...


We couldn't discuss ideas on getting through the quarantine without acknowledging the fact that Holy Week and Passover have started and they look nothing like normal. These traditions have been significant to your family and ours for generations and, now more than ever, we must hold them tightly.


Most churches are offering streaming services online. Gather with your congregation and worship together. Pray, praise and look to a greater source of hope. 


Whether you are preparing lunch for Easter Sunday or a Seder Meal for Passover, continue the tradition virtually. Assign a family member to say the blessing or organize which family members will carry out the roles for Seder.


Getting dressed up for these occasions has been a tradition since you were wearing petticoats and matching bonnets. Fancy clothes have never been the real focus of the holidays, but they’ve always been a fun part of the day. Keep the tradition going, even if you're staying inside and the church pew looks remarkably like your living room sofa.


While these days have disrupted a normal way of life, they’ve also provided an opportunity to refocus priorities, spend time with family and slow the pace. For that we give thanks.

We send our love to all of you, and we wish you and your family good health and much happiness. To show our gratitude, Beyond Cuffs is now offering all of our accessories at 20% off. 

Be well, friends!