conservative style

We live in a world where there is no shortage of opinions on just about everything. It’s no surprise, then, that there are a myriad of mixed messages regarding the topic of women’s fashion — or just women, in general. Should women be free to dress provocatively while on the job? After all, this is a woman’s world, and women are no longer tolerant of the ogling of men at the office. Or should women dress in boring pantsuits in order to be taken seriously, particularly if they are in an environment that is still male-dominated? According to the Internet, it’s tough to say….

Here at Signature Cuffs, however, we believe that a woman can walk into the workplace looking distinctly feminine yet modest and professional. Whether you work in a formal environment or in an office with a casual vibe, here are a few classic, conservative staples that shouldn’t go overlooked:


Designed by Christian Dior in 1954, the pencil skirt creates a classic feminine silhouette. With a variety of fabrics, patterns and hemline options that can be altered to suit your body type, this is a simple (and dare we say, “sexy”) look that will work at the office or the happy hour that follows.


We know this look has taken some serious punches lately. Or maybe you could call it a revival. The pantsuit had its own hashtag, after all. Whichever way you look at it, the infamous pantsuit is worthy of your attention. Whether you’re sporting a traditional blazer and skirt or you prefer a tailored men’s look the likes of Annie Hall, the fact remains that the female pantsuit provides endless style possibilities.


Wearing a man’s shirt has been deemed the sexiest thing a woman can wear. Maybe so, but we think it’s just as sexy when a woman wears her own shirt, perfectly tailored to her feminine curves. While a man’s Oxford usually comes in cotton and is worn with a tie, women have the luxury of taking the basic Oxford as inspiration and making it our own.


We might be biased but we LOOOOVE a French cuff. And hey, if the French cuff didn’t exist, neither would we. People go to work everyday in a collared shirt, a v-neck sweater or the simple a-line dress. We are fans of all of the above, but how much more impressive are those classic looks when you see them with a stunning French cuff? If you want to turn your everyday business attire into a showstopper… we, ahem, know a place.


Nothing flatters a woman like the perfect heel. From a strappy sandal or a kitten heel to the six-inch stiletto, heels aren’t going out of style any time soon. When choosing the right heel, don’t forget that we are not only trying to stave off “boring,” but we do have to walk around in them all day. Enter the Scarpin pump. Not too high, not too low and as curvaceous as the glamorous gams they support. The Scarpin pump looks good on any woman and is comfortable enough that you won’t end up looking like a baby deer learning to walk for the first time. Worn with a skirt, slacks or jeans, this classically shaped heel is an easy way to elevate your style.

At Signature Cuffs, we never shy away from our strong opinions on women’s fashion. However, our goal is to help our customers find just the right look for their occasion, their personal style and their body type. While the rest of the Internet might offer endless fashion criticism and mixed messages, we are striving to create an environment where women support women and the style choices that set them apart. We’d love to support you too!