classic style

Some looks never go out of style. And while we could spend one thousand blogs on the “little black dress” or the necessity of owning a classic blazer, there is one foundational element required for every wardrobe.… DISCIPLINE.

Whether you love a simple, conservative look or you rock a more courageous, outrageous sense of style, discipline is the key to looking fabulous.

How you dress makes a statement about your social awareness. In the business world, that matters. Consciously or unconsciously, people will make judgment calls about your character based on how you present yourself. We’ve compiled these tips on making sure that when you put yourself out there, you look like a million bucks from head to toe.


Much to our frustration, culture is moving more and more towards a casual look. We don’t mind a well-crafted, comfortable outfit, but we stand firm in our belief that flip-flops and running shorts are not suitable for every occasion. When you step out into the world, make every effort to show others that you do all things with excellence. If others observe that you took the time and energy to present yourself well, they will trust your judgment in other areas as well. That could be the game changer if you’re trying to land a job or make worthwhile business connections.


We aren’t exaggerating when we tell you that showing up at an event appropriately dressed is evidence of discernment. If you show up overdressed to a casual event others may perceive you as foolish. If you show up underdressed, you may be seen as lazy. Either way, you could be making a poor impression before you’ve ever said a word. In business circles, that could lead to a missed opportunity. Make sure you understand what is expected. Many event invitations will even provide you with a basic dress code. If you still aren’t sure, keep it simple. The standard “little black dress” will work for almost any occasion.


At Signature Cuffs, we create accessories that allow women to polish off the clothes they love and feel comfortable wearing, with the finishing touch our cuffs can provide. We know that beauty is on the inside, but we want you to show off that beauty. Let your outward appearance reflect all that you are. If you’re a hard worker with savvy attention to detail, let that show in your sense of style. Do you have a wild sense of humor? Let us see that. Regardless of your individual personality, the reality is that you are a person of value. Put yourself on display by putting your best self forward. And don’t be shy. Unkempt style is often a sign of insecurity. Be bold and confident in your dress and soon your self-perception will follow suit.


The art of accessorizing should not be underestimated. Wink. Wink. Great style doesn’t have to be fussy but it should be finished well. Case and point: Signature Cuffs. Our cuffs were designed to be easy and wearable for any look. It’s simple. It’s effortless. The right accessory can turn an everyday outfit into something special — so don’t forget the details.

Fashion is the best avenue for self-expression. Aren’t we fortunate that we have so many options for showing off our creativity, giving others a glimpse of our personality and having the ability to look fabulous and stay comfortable? If you want to make a great impression, you have to dress for success. Let your personal image be sincere and always, always polished.